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Been busy partying...

2011-03-24 18:43:03 by TBonee

Life has been one big party lately.. so haven't done anything wise. School is going badly but life is going great! But been drawing with flash like always.. ill be back

Been busy partying...

Im back 'n runing

2010-09-29 15:05:31 by TBonee

Check out my new art, and rate & comment it. I need critisism, thank you.

And heres some more pics i made from Jackass crew:

Bam Margera
Johnny Knoxville
Bam, Johnny and Steve
Bam, Weeman, Steve-O and Johnny
Steve-O and Bam Margera

I hope you like them :D


Im back 'n runing

Animations done = none.

2010-08-09 07:49:15 by TBonee

I have not continued any of my animations. I just don't remember or bother..
Maybe I will continue them now because it is starting to rain, non-stop.

I made an unexplainable animation fast, just to show everybody that im not dead.
I love the way everybody hates IT

Animations done = none.

We won an award!

2009-09-26 18:46:09 by TBonee

Awesome! I joined a collab that was made for madness day. When we finished it i tought that people would like it but not that much! We won an award! Daily 5th place. Damn! And the comments are awesome.

I have still madness work to do and I'm going to finish them as quick as possible, but i have stuff to do with my ride.. ..So well see...

Stay tuned..

We won an award!


2009-09-20 06:33:05 by TBonee

I finished the collab part on time (for madness day). [IMG]

But still have like 3-4 animations in progress... ugh... for my luck theres no dead line.

Yeh.. joined a collab. I have started the part, but its a realy early version so no pics yet...
So now i have:
-the BIG project
-some animation with buttons to choose a weapon


-a collab part


Yeah... just don't want to continue the big project YET... just... just...

but a little smaller interactive animation (just buttons which you use to choose what weapon the protagonist uses) is coming soon... stay tuned.
Have a little picture from the new animation.

Not much going on... project still standing but a new 'interactive' animation is coming soon

Not done any progress on the animation.

2009-05-05 09:01:29 by TBonee

Yeah... im sorry guys.. but no progress on the BIG project yet. I think i will continue it some week, some day. Been busy with my new bike and all... Done some flash art heres some of the shit i have made:
guyg.jpg 7/tbone.jpg

--and then one NoN-digital drawing-------------------------------
------------------- /77243_19042009004.jpg

Im not making any progress on the Project >:(

2009-04-14 17:45:01 by TBonee

Yeh.... only a little progress have been made to the BIG project. Damn... should get back to work in couple weeks.. i ques... just dont feel like it... I think its still going to be finnished at the end of the summer. Sorry for the fans (like i have any :D).

I try to update as best i can (/ bother) so see you soon! :3
(also the "T_B" text at the bottom of the pic... made in ms. paint :D )

Im not making any progress on the Project >:(

Im working on a BIG project... its a madness animation

2009-02-28 08:27:32 by TBonee

It has 3000 almost 4000 frames. Its part interactive, you can choose what weapons does he use and stuff. Im working on it hard and i hope that i can make it done to summer whit 10 000 frames. Keep your thumbs up.

(and about that pic.... no the "T_Bone" txt is not in the animation :D )


Im working on a BIG project... its a madness animation